Covid-19 tests

We are now able to offer two kinds of tests for Covid-19. One tells you if you are currently infected with the virus and the other determines if you have previously been infected by it.

As your local private general practice clinic, we have been looking for ways to help stem the spread of Covid-19 for some weeks. But because we don’t want to dilute precious NHS resources we have consciously waited until the government reached its testing targets before offering our tests.

We are now excited that the Doctors Laboratory, one of the largest and most widely used laboratories in the UK, is offering us tests for Covid-19. There are two kinds of tests, the PCR swab and the IgC Antibody test.


The PCR swab: detects if you are currently infected with the virus. Cost £149

The PCR swab has 98-100% accuracy. The swabs will be taken in our car park by a GP in full protective equipment.

If you would like a test, please call our receptionist who will guide you through the process. Specific questions will be asked detailing your risk level, current symptoms and potential exposure. Patients with low levels of the virus at the beginning or end of infection may be negative on any swab test.

Results return within 2-3 days with further guidance from our GPs if needed.


The IgG Antibody test: detects if you have previously had the virus. Cost: £95 or £75

Antibodies develop from a few days to a few weeks after infection with the virus but last for a long period afterwards, so testing should be undertaken at least 14 days following the initiation of symptoms.

The tests are accurate and a positive result should mean that you have immunity to catching the virus again, but it is currently not known if this immunity will be full or partial, or for how long it may last.

There are two ways we can carry out the testing. The first is to come and see a doctor in our clinic and have a blood test carried out. You will have time to ask the doctor questions and discuss any concerns relating to Covid 19. This is priced at £95. The second method is to send you a testing kit in the post to your home. The kit contains a special finger prick device to collect some blood in a special tube. You can then post this to our laboratory in the pre-paid envelope provided. This is priced at £75.

Please contact our receptionist to arrange an appointment with one of our doctors or to arrange for a testing kit to be posted.

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