Our fees

We charge standard fees for our different services. But you can simply arrange a single appointment with us to start with – there’s no obligation for ongoing treatment. Credit cards or cash accepted.

GP appointments

20 minute appointments: £85

40 minute appointments: £150 (A deposit is taken before the appointment date)

10 minute phone consultation: £40

Referral letters, prescriptions and other administration are included in the price, although further appointments, investigations, etc, are not. Blood tests can be taken during the consultation, but do incur a further cost.

Phone consultations are for existing patients only.


Repeat prescriptions without an appointment: £25

Medical screening and health checks

Annual health checks:

Personalised Health Screening – £450 (A £50 deposit is taken at the time of booking)

See full details of annual health checks

Prostate test and examination: The total cost including the blood test and physical examination carried out by a GP is priced at £143.50.

Smear Test including HPV Test: The total cost with a GP is priced at £215. The results are provided approximately 7 days later.

Sexual Health Screening: The consultation with the GP is priced at £85 and any subsequent blood tests, swabs or urine analysis are charged for separately depending on the laboratory fee. Please call us for individual test prices. If there are abnormal results, the GP can provide prescriptions and also give counselling/treatment advice by telephone call (this is included in the initial consultation fee).


Prices typically range from £15 to £160 but depend on the vaccine (Bournemouth clinic only)

See full list of prices

Blood tests, X-rays and scans

Prices of x-rays, CT and MRI scans are set by the private hospitals we refer you to. We charge £85 for the 20 minute consultation and referral document.

If you know which blood tests you require and you do not need to see a GP, then you can make an appointment with one of our phlebotomy nurses. The cost of the test is determined by how much the laboratory charge and our nurse phlebotomy fee is £35. If you would like a GP to carry out your blood test, then the phlebotomy fee is £45.

Joint injections

For the consultation and injection: £120

Minor cosmetic skin surgery and cryotherapy

Cryotherapy can normally be carried out within a 20-minute GP consultation and is priced at £85 per visit.

Minor Surgery is carried out by Dr Jon Echebarrietta. There is an initial 10 minute consultation which is free of charge. If the minor surgery can take place, then this is booked in for a different date and is priced at £350. (A deposit of £100 is taken at the time of booking)

Specialist referrals

The cost of one referral is covered by the appointment fee. If more than one referral is required, then each one is charged at £25.

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