Our fees

We charge standard fees for our different services. But you can simply arrange a single appointment with us to start with – there’s no obligation for ongoing treatment. Credit Cards accepted.

GP appointments

20 minute appointments: £80

40 minute appointments: £145

10 minute phone consultation: £40

Referral letters, prescriptions and other administration are included in the price, although further appointments, investigations, etc, are not. Blood tests can be taken during the consultation, but do incur a further cost.

Phone consultations are for existing patients only.


Repeat prescriptions without an appointment: £25

Medical screening and health checks

Annual health checks:

The Simple: £80

The Complete: £450

See full details of annual health checks

Prostate test and examination: £80 as part of a single consultation


Prices typically range from £15 to £200 but depend on the vaccine.

See full list of prices

Blood tests, X-rays and scans

Prices are set by the providers we use and are passed on to you at cost.

Our phlebotomy service is available for NHS blood requests at £15 a bleed.

Joint injections

For initial consultation and injection: from £120

Call for costs.

Minor cosmetic skin surgery and cryotherapy

Prices depend on the procedure – call us for individual costs.

Specialist referrals

The cost of making any referrals is covered by the appointment fee.

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