Rapid Antigen and PCR swab tests for travel and peace of mind

If you require a swab for travel purposes or peace of mind, please read the information below and then fill in the form further down the page. We will then work out the best date and time for you to come to our private drive through and contact you.

Please note that we only carry out tests Monday to Friday, although we will send test results to you if we receive them on a Saturday or Sunday.

Testing is carried out at our drive through testing site near Bournemouth Airport at Unit 106, Viscount Road, Aviation Park West, Christchurch BH23 6NW. You can find directions to the site here.

Please read the information about the two types of test available, and then fill in the form below.

For information about Results, please see the bottom of this page.

Rapid Antigen swab test: £99

Some countries and airlines are now accepting the Rapid Antigen swab test for travel. (Please check with the airline and the destination country before requesting this type of test.)

The swab is carried out by a nurse and the testing process is carried out on site. We can then email you the result certificate the same day. Our rapid tests are made by the company SDbiosensor. They are WHO and Government recommended and have a specificity of 99.7% and sensitivity of 96.5%. The test is also on the approved list for entry to France.

PCR  swab test: £199 (or £220 for Friday tests)

We use the laboratory called Cellmark to process our swab tests from Mondays through to Fridays. The swab test is manufactured by VIASURE and these tests have been approved for use by the Department of Health. The test is CE IVD marked and certified to ISO 13485.

Once your swab is carried out by the nurse at our drive through, the swab is then picked up by a courier at 7pm. Your result’s document will then be emailed to our clinic between 24 and 48 hours and we will email the results document to you as soon as possible.

Your result’s document will show the following;  The laboratory logo, name and contact details, our clinic name and address, your name and date of birth, the date and time the swab is taken, the date the laboratory finished processing the results, a unique lab reference number and a “Negative” or “Positive” result.

Timings for the PCR test:

For swab tests carried out between Monday and Friday the results document will be emailed out between 24 and 48 hours later. The majority of results will be sent the next afternoon/evening or the following morning. For example, if you have a test on a Wednesday, your results will be emailed the Thursday afternoon/evening or the Friday morning. (Please read the section on ‘Inconclusive/Invalid results’ as this could cause a delay in receiving your results)

Fast Track Test and Results:

If you only have a 48 hour window in which your results are valid, or an early morning flight on a Wednesday, please request the fast track test and results. You will have an appointment between 9am and 11am (Monday to Friday) and receive guaranteed results emailed to you the next day. The cost of the early courier is £110 (but if several people are booked in for the early fast track test, then the cost is shared between everyone). It normally works out at

If you need to upload your results document to an organisation within 24 hours of a flight, or need to apply for a flight pass no less than 12 hours before a flight, we would also recommend you use the fast track service.

Tuesday Flights: If you only have a 48 or 72 hour window for the results, then we may not be able to get your results back to you in time for a Tuesday flight, especially if it is a morning or early afternoon flight. Please contact us with your flight time to see if we can help.

Friday Swabs: If you need to attend our drive through on a Friday for a swab test the cost is unfortunately higher. The laboratory arrange for staff to come in on a Saturday to process the results and this out of hours service increases the cost of the test. The cost is £220.

Inconclusive or Invalid PCR results:

INCONCLUSIVE RESULT – If your swab test is analysed and comes out as inconclusive, then the laboratory will automatically carry out a re-test. A re-test will normally produce a successful result, but it could mean that you do not receive your results as quickly as you normally would.

INVALID RESULT – On very rare occasions, a person’s swab test will be tested twice and still have an inconclusive result. This is then classed as an invalid result and the only option is to have another swab test. Our nurses have carried out thousands of tests and there is an invalid rate of 0.2%.

Please do not eat anything or chew gum immediately before having your swab taken.

Before booking a PCR appointment, please ensure that you are happy with the following statements:

– I am aware of the results timescales as outlined above

– I am aware that Dorset Private GP uses a third-party company called Cellmark to analyse the swab samples. Cellmark are a reputable and long-standing laboratory, however, Dorset Private GP has no control over their turnaround time of the results if there was to be a disruption to the laboratory’s analytical hardware/software or staffing.

– I am aware there is a possibility I could get an inconclusive result (which will delay the result turnaround time) or an invalid result.

I am aware that any of the above statements could result in a delay in receiving my results and could disrupt my travel plans. I accept that Dorset Private GP will not be responsible or liable for any loss of money due to the change or cancellation of travel arrangements as a direct result of the Covid testing.

Apply for the PCR swab or Rapid Antigen swab
Some airlines require a test done no more than 48 hours before the flight, others 72 hours, etc
Thank you for your answers. Please click Submit below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have trouble with the form, you can request a test by emailing admin@dorsetprivategp.co.uk with full details. Please email if you have any questions. Please DO NOT phone our main clinic at Poole Road as they will not be able to help with Covid 19 enquiries or bookings.


PCR Test Results – If you have had the fast track service, then you are guaranteed to have your results emailed to you the following day. They are normally sent to us from the laboratory by lunchtime, but please be prepared for the results to be emailed to you in the afternoon as we may have many people to email.

If you have had the regular PCR swab test service, then you may receive your results the following afternoon/evening, but this is not guaranteed and you could receive the results the morning after that. If we call day 1 the test day, then you may get the results late on day 2, but it may be the morning of day 3 before lunchtime. (Please note, if your test has to be re-run by the laboratory because of an inconclusive first result, then this will delay you receiving your final result and it could be sent in the afternoon on day 3).

If you have a test on a Friday, we normally receive the results from the laboratory Saturday evening, but the worst case is Sunday morning (or afternoon if you have had an inconclusive first result). If you need to contact us urgently on a Saturday or Sunday about a late/missing result, please call our designated result’s telephone number on 07789 649504. THIS NUMBER IS FOR RESULT QUERIES ONLY. Please leave a message as this number will be intermittently checked between 10am and 6pm. Alternatively or additionally, please email us at admin@dorsetprivategp.co.uk

If you have any queries about your results from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9am and 6pm , please call 07789 649504. (THIS NUMBER IS FOR RESULT QUERIES ONLY.)

RAPID ANTIGEN RESULTS –  If you have your swab test before 1pm, your result’s document will be emailed to you before 2pm on the same day. If you have not received the email by 2pm, please call us on the designated Covid Result’s telephone number 07789 649504. (THIS NUMBER IS FOR RESULT QUERIES ONLY). If you are having the rapid test to enable you to go back to work as soon as possible, please let us know and we will fast track your result.

If you have your swab test after 1pm, your result’s document will be emailed to you by 6pm on the same day. If you have not received the email by 6pm, please call us on the designated Covid Result’s telephone number 07789 649504. (THIS NUMBER IS FOR RESULT QUERIES ONLY)

If the phone is not answered, please leave your name and telephone number and we will call you back. This phone is monitored for results enquiries from 9am until 7pm Monday to Friday and 11am until 6pm at the weekend. Alternatively, or additionally you can email as at admin@dorsetprivategp.co.uk


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