GP appointments

Book a traditional GP consultation with established GPs at our comfortable private clinics in the centre of Bournemouth and now also in Dorchester. We offer 20 or 40 minute appointments. Appointments are often available the next working day, and if not then usually within two working days.

We offer much longer consultations than are available on the NHS, allowing us to take the time to understand your problem thoroughly and think through the next steps.

  • Choose between a face to face or video consultation
  • Select a 20 or 40 minute appointments – choose a 40 minute appointment if you have a complex health issue or several concerns.
  • A 20-minute appointment costs £89 and a 40-minute appointment costs £165.
  • 10 minute phone appointments for existing patients. Cost: £45
  • 20 minute video consultation appointments from the comfort of your own home. Cost: £89
  • On-site pharmacy (Bournemouth only)
  • On-site free parking

Either book online or by phone on 01202 761150. For Covid 19 test enquiries or bookings visit our Covid testing website.

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