Scans and X-rays

We can recommend and organise investigations wherever these would be helpful. We will refer you to a private hospital or clinic for scans and X-rays.

X-ray, CT and Ultrasound scans

We can provide the referral for an X-ray, CT or Ultrasound scan and arrange for this to be carried out at a local private hospital.


MRIs are carried out in a specially designed tunnel at a private hospital or in an open enclosure at a local chiropractic clinic. The doctor will suggest which one is most appropriate for you and will make the arrangements.

If you would like a referral for a scan, please book a 20-minute face to face GP Appointment priced at £89 and this will include the referral document to the private clinic or hospital for your scan. The clinic/hospital will then contact you with an appointment. The results


For further information, please call 01202 761150.

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