Aaachoo! Our top tips for managing hay fever

May 2, 2021

It’s that time again. The birds are chirping. The barbecues are being dusted off. The sun is finally starting to make an appearance. And… it feels like your neighbour has decided to mow their lawn three times a day just to spite you. That’s right, it’s hay fever season again. But don’t worry – while we can’t exactly tell your neighbour to stop it, already, here are our hay fever tips to keep in your back pocket along with those all-important tissues this summer.

Start treatment early. Even if you’re not experiencing hay fever symptoms yet but you’re expecting to, put your plan in place now. In particular, if you usually use a steroid pill or nasal spray, this medication relies on built-up use to be effective.

Swap your evening walk for lunchtime. Pollen counts are at their highest in the mornings and evenings, so switch it up with a lunchtime walk instead. Pollen counts really do vary, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on the forecast.

Switch your monthly contacts for daily. Contact lenses can exacerbate the red, itchy and watery eyes that come with hay fever. Not only that, but allergens can also stick to your contact lenses, making the issue even worse. That’s why it may be more comfortable to choose daily contact lenses over monthly ones in the summer months.

Get a pollen filter in your car. Not only is a pollen filter a good idea for your car, as it’ll protect your heating system, but it also means peace of mind while you blast the air conditioning.

Keep your doors and windows shut as much as possible. For many hay fever sufferers, the house really is a safe haven on the hottest, high pollen count days of the summer. So protect it with everything you’ve got!

Put a small amount of Vaseline in and around your nostrils. Use a petroleum jelly to create a physical barrier that will help prevent pollen entering your body.

Get a good pair of sunglasses. Same as above. Look for glasses that wrap around your eyes to reduce the likelihood that pollen will be able to make contact.

Don’t hang your laundry out in the garden. We know it’s tempting for that lovely garden scent, but this is a real must if you’re looking to prevent those itchy red eyes in the morning.

Shower at night and change into clean clothes. Pollen can stick to your clothes and hair. So, make sure you keep everything as fresh and clean as possible, and don’t forget to at least shake everything out to protect your soft furnishings and sofa!

If none of that does the trick, come and see us. Speak to your doctor if allergy medications are not helping you find some relief from your symptoms, your hay fever is affecting another condition such as asthma, or it’s generally having a big impact on your day-to-day life.

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