Experienced private GPs across Dorset

Get quick access to experienced hand-picked local GPs and nurses who can offer you the time and attention you need. Book an appointment in one of our well-equipped consulting rooms in central Bournemouth or our new Poundbury clinic in Dorchester.

Dorset Private GP, based in the heart of Bournemouth & Dorchester, offers you the unhurried, thorough, personal care we believe is best for patients.

All our doctors are highly experienced practising local NHS GPs and we provide all the services you’d expect from a GP consultation, plus some you wouldn’t.

Your health is important and with the NHS sometimes struggling to offer a quality service now is the time to choose a private doctor.

You can see us at a convenient time that suits you – and at an affordable price. And you can see the same doctor each time, just as you once did with a traditional family GP. There’s no need to register in advance and you can continue seeing your existing NHS GP.

We are pleased to announce that we have opened a second branch of Dorset Private GP in Poundbury, Dorchester. We are excited to bring the benefits of a quality private GP service to a new area and we will strive to increase the clinic availability and services as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for a GP practice that has the time to focus on you, then:

How we charge our fees

Our charges are simple and clear. You just pay per appointment, service or procedure. There’s no need for private insurance – we welcome anyone who needs our services.

Why use a private GP?