Injectable Weight Loss Clinic

Have you thought about weight loss injections but you’d like the guidance of a specialist Doctor who can help you through the safest course with maximum support and results?

Our qualified weight loss Doctor, Zara Mufti can guide you through a safe and supported weight loss programme using the licensed injectable medication called Wegovy.

Our comprehensive weight loss course

The doctor led course is designed to start you on the injectable weight loss medication in the safest and most supportive way. The Wegovy medication is in an injection pen which is administered once a week. The doctor can administer the first injection for you and then you can carry out the next ones at home. Each pen holds 4 doses . The weight loss programme is made up of the following elements:

Initial Blood tests

It is important to carry out some essential blood tests to ensure that it is safe to start the course of injections. The tests are also a good way to monitor if the injections are having a positive impact on your health.

Face to face appointments

Dr Mufti will meet with you every 4 weeks to carry out medical assessments, track progress and offer advice.

Telephone support appointments

These are optional appointments that can be booked in anytime with Dr Mufti if you would like to discuss any aspect of your treatment. Our admin team are also available Monday to Friday 8.30am till 6pm and they can contact Dr Mufti with any questions you may have.

Prescribed injectable medication

The starting dose of the first injection pen is 0.25mg. The dosage can be increased every 4 weeks to a maximum of 2.4mg. You will be prescribed the appropriate injection pen at every 4 weekly appointment. Once you have stopped increasing your dosage, you can have a 3 month maintenance supply of pens before seeing the doctor again for a check up.

Please click here for more details about the Wegovy injections.

Check your eligibility and get in touch

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