Our services

In addition to our standard GP appointments, we offer a range of specific services, some of which are not available from an NHS GP.

GP appointments

Traditional general practice consultations with established GPs, based in our comfortable private clinic in the centre of Bournemouth and now also in Dorchester. Alternatively, why not book a face to face consultation from the comfort of your own home and have a 20 minute video appointment with one of our GPs.

  • 20 or 40 minute consultation appointments at our clinic – choose a 40 minute appointment if you have a complex health issue or several concerns. A 20-minute appointment is priced at £85 and a 40-minute appointment is priced at £150.
  • 10 minute telephone appointments for existing patients. Priced at £40
  • 20 minute video consultation appointments from the comfort of your own home. Priced at £80
  • Book online Book appointment or phone 01202 761150. (Please do not call this number for Covid 19 enquiries or bookings. Please visit our Covid testing page)
  • On-site pharmacy (Bournemouth Only)
  • On-site free parking


  • Prescriptions resulting from an appointment with a doctor are issued free of charge
  • Repeat prescriptions without an appointment incur a small charge of £25
  • Our on-site pharmacy is open from 8.15am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday (Bournemouth Only)

Blood testing

We use a private laboratory in London to carry out all of our blood testing. There are hundreds of blood tests available and all the samples we collect are couriered directly to the laboratory every evening.

If you are a brand new patient and require a blood test, we require you to have a 10 minute consultation with a doctor first. There are 2 options available:

Option 1: You can have a 10 minute telephone consultation with a doctor. This is priced at £40. You will then be booked in for your blood test(s) with a nurse. The nurse phlebotomy fee is £35 per appointment and the blood test fee depends on what the laboratory charge for the analysis. The GP telephone call and the nurse appointment comes to £75 and then you pay the lab fee for the blood tests.

Option 2: You can book in for a 20 minute face to face consultation with one of our doctors and during this appointment the GP will also carry out your blood draw. The cost of the appointment is £85 and then the blood tests are charged for depending on the laboratory analysis fee.

If you would like to know the cost of any blood test, please call us on  01202 761150. Or email us at reception@dorsetprivategp.co.uk

When your results are back, a doctor will look at them first and then we will email or call you with their comments and will confirm if any further action is required. You will be sent a copy of the results for your records.

Medical screening and health checks

The earlier a condition is spotted, the easier it is to treat. We recommend regular health checks, especially for people over the age of 40.

  • Annual personalised health screening – effectively an MOT for your body to check everything is in good working order. Find out more about annual health checks
  • Prostate test and examination – with detailed counselling on the pros and cons of the tests.
  • Smear Tests
  • Sexual Health Testing – Blood tests, urine and swab analysis are available to test for the full range of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Blood Screening – Hundreds of blood tests are available to screen for many conditions, illnesses and diseases. Please contact us for advice and prices.
  • Sports Medicals such as those needed for Marathons, Motorsport (MSA) and Boxing Medicals plus more. Email us the forms and we will give you a quote.
  • Work and Visa Medicals – Call or email us your requirements and we can arrange the blood tests and GP appointment to complete your documents.

For more information or to book an appointment please call us on 01202 761150


Driver Medicals

We specialise in employment medicals for drivers. Each medical is conducted at a 20 minute appointment with an experienced GP. We can offer the following driving medicals at a time to suit you;-

  • DVLA D4 Driver Medicals for coach, bus, HGV, LGV and PCV driving.
  • Taxi Driver Medicals (Subject to your licencing council’s guidelines).
  • Minibus and advanced driver pre-training medicals.

For more information and bookings please call us on 01202 761150 or click Book appointment.

Work Medicals

  • Visa Medicals.
  • Fit to Work Medicals.
  • Pre-Employment Medicals.
  • Immigration/Emigration Medicals to China, Kuwait, Cayman Islands, Bermuda, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Indonesia and more.

If you require a medical for a job in England or abroad, our G.Ps can carry out the examination and provide you with the documentation to confirm it has been carried out. If you are given a specific medical report from an employer, our G.Ps will examine you according to the instructions/questions and complete the report. If any blood, urine or other pathology tests are required, the G.P can carry this out during the appointment. If an X-ray is necessary, the G.P will give you a referral form to have this carried out at a local private hospital.

For work abroad, that may require you to have travel vaccines, the G.P can also administer these during your appointment. Each vaccine is priced individually. Please go to fees and click on vaccinations

Most medicals can be completed within a 20 minute appointment charged at £85. Some more in depth medicals may require a bit longer and will be charged on an individual basis.

For more information or to make an appointment please call us on 01202 761150 or email reception@dorsetprivategp.co.uk

Vaccinations (Bournemouth clinic only)

Vaccinations are an easy and effective way of preventing serious infectious diseases.

  • Full range of vaccinations and immunisations
  • Given by an experienced GP, not a nurse
  • Children and adults
  • Vaccinations not available or restricted on NHS
  • Chicken Pox vaccine
  • Flu vaccine – (For the 2021/2022 season we regret that we are unable to offer the vaccination)
  • HPV vaccine
  • Shingles vaccine
  • Pertussis (Whooping Cough) vaccine
  • Yellow Fever vaccine- we are a designated Yellow Fever Centre.

Find out more about our vaccination services

Covid-19 testing

Testing is now available for Covid-19, both for travelling or simply peace of mind.

Find out more and book Covid test

X-rays and scans

We can recommend and organise investigations wherever these would be helpful. We will normally refer you to a private hospital for scans and X-rays.

  • We can provide the referral for an X-ray or CT scan and arrange for this to be carried out at a local private hospital
  • Ultrasound scans can now take place on site at our clinic by radiologists Dr Ravi Ayer or Mr Dominic Foy. They charge a set price of £230 for one area of the body that requires scanning
  • MRIs (are within a tunnel at the private hospitals or in an open enclosure at a local chiropractic clinic). The doctor will suggest which one is most appropriate for you and will make the arrangements). For further information, please call 01202 761150. 

Joint injections

  • Relief for acutely inflamed joints from sports injury or osteoarthritis
  • Cortisone injections can also relieve soft tissue problems such as certain tendon or muscular problems

Joint injection appointments are 20 minutes and priced at £120. Dr Alder and Dr Echebarrieta can carry out this procedure.

Please call us on 01202 761150

Please read our recent blog on steroid risks and Coronavirus here

Women’s Health and Contraception – (Bournemouth clinic only)

Dr Rosemary Crinion specialises in women’s health and contraception procedures. The following procedures can be carried out in our clinic.

  • Coil Removal – This is a 20-minute appointment and priced at £85
  • Coil Fitting – This is a 30-minute appointment and the doctor is assisted by a nurse. A copper coil insertion is priced at £180 and a hormone (Mirena) coil insertion is priced at £260.
  • Coil Exchange – This is a 40-minute appointment and a nurse assists for some of the procedure. The copper coil exchange is priced at £250 and the hormone coil exchange is priced at £330.
  • Implant Removal – This is a 20-minute appointment assisted by a nurse and is priced at £135
  • Implant Fitting – This is a 20-minute appointment and priced at £250.
  • Implant Exchange – This is a 40-minute appointment and a nurse will assist for some of the procedure. This is priced at £360.

If you have not had an implant or a coil fitted before, a 10-minute telephone consultation will be required with Dr Crinion before the procedure can be carried out. This is priced at £40

  • Smear Test with HPV testing – This is a 20-minute procedure and priced at £210. The results will be received within 4 days. The HPV test is automatically carried out by the laboratory. Evidence shows HPV testing is a more effective way to identify women at risk of cervical cancer. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus transmitted through sexual contact. Certain sub-types of HPV are linked to the development of abnormal cells and can cause cervical cancer.

If you would like some general advice about any women’s health concern or contraception, please call 01202 761150 or book on line for a 20-minute appointment with Dr Rosemary Crinion. A 20-minute appointment is priced at £85.


Minor cosmetic skin surgery and cryotherapy – (Bournemouth clinic only)

Dr Jon Echebarrieta specialises in the removal of lumps, bumps, moles, warts, tags and blemishes. He has a clinic every Friday.

Most problem skin areas such as skin tags, types of mole, warts etc. can be treated with Cryotherapy. This is where liquid nitrogen is applied to the area to freeze it. The area will form a scab a few days later and then the skin tag/mole will come away. There is very minimal scarring with cryotherapy compared to incision, but sometimes more than one treatment is required.

Cryotherapy can be carried out during a 20 minute appointment and this is priced at £85.

Sometimes Dr Echebarrieta will decide that a lump or bump requires minor surgery to remove it by incision. This will normally require stitches and will leave some form of a scar. Lipomas and cysts quite often need removing with minor surgery and Dr Echebarrieta carries this out every Friday in a specialist minor ops treatment room at our clinic. The total cost of the surgery including the removal of stitches 10 days later is priced at £350.

For more information or to book an appointment, please call us on 01202 761150


Allergy Clinic – (Starting 13th October at our Bournemouth Clinic)

Dr Helen Evans-Howells (nee Dr Helen Howells) is a leading GP with a specialist interest in allergy. She offers expert diagnosis and management of the full range of allergic disorders affecting adults and children, including:

  • food allergy
  • hayfever
  • eczema
  • asthma
  • delayed gastrointestinal food allergies
  • insect stings

An initial consultation (usually up to an hour) is priced at £250. Follow up consultations (usually 30-40 minutes) are priced at £150.

Skin Prick Testing is £75

For more information and bookings please call us on 01202 761150 or click Book appointment.

Health Injections

Hayfever Injection – When hayfever strikes, we can offer a steroid injection to reduce and sometimes eradicate the miserable symptoms. The appointment including the injection is £85.

B12 injection – After an initial consultation with one of our GPs, we can arrange regular appointments for the B12 injection to be administered. Initial consultation is £85 and if regular injections are required, they are priced at £50 per visit.

Specialist referrals

We work closely with a very wide range of specialists who are experts in their field.

  • We write letters referring you to a private specialist if you would like to be seen promptly or have private insurance in place
  • We can write to your NHS doctor explaining our findings and recommendations for an onward NHS referral
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