Women’s health and contraception

We offer a range of women’s health and contraception procedures, carried out at our Bournemouth clinic by Dr Rosemary Crinion, who specialises in these services.

Our services

Coil removal


This is a 10-minute appointment

Coil fitting

Copper Coil


hormone coil


This is a 30-minute appointment and the doctor is assisted by a nurse.

Coil exchange

Copper Coil


hormone coil


This is a 30-minute appointment and a nurse assists for some of the procedure.

Implant removal


This is a 20-minute appointment assisted by a nurse

Implant fitting


This is a 20-minute appointment

Implant exchange


This is a 30-minute appointment and a nurse will assist for some of the procedure

If you have not had an implant or a coil fitted before, then a 10-minute telephone consultation will be required with Dr Crinion or Nurse Jocelyn before the procedure can be carried out. This costs £47.

Smear Tests

At Dorset Private GP, we can carry out two types of Cervical Screening (Smear Test). Option 1 is HPV testing only and Option 2 is HPV testing plus Cytology to check for abnormal cells. Please see below for more details.

Smear Test – Option 1 – HPV test only

In the NHS this type of smear test is the only one routinely offered. The test will only screen for the presence of the HPV virus. If this is detected then the cytology (checking the cells) will be carried out to see if there are any abnormal cells present. Evidence shows HPV testing is a more effective way to identify women at risk of cervical cancer. Human papillomavirus (HPV) is a common virus transmitted through sexual contact. Certain sub-types of HPV are linked to the development of abnormal cells and can cause cervical cancer. The total cost including the appointment and the test analysis is £156. Please note, if HPV is detected by the lab, then the cytology will be carried out free of charge.

Smear Test – Option 2 – HPV Test and Cytology

If you would like the Cytology (checking of the cells) carried out regardless of whether you have a negative or positive HPV result, then you can request to have both tested at the same time. A 20-minute appointment with one of our nurses or doctors is £93 plus the laboratory cost of the HPV test is £63 and the Cytology is £63.  The total cost of the appointment is £219.

If you would like some general advice about any women’s health concern or contraception, please call 01202 761150 or book online for a 20-minute appointment with Dr Rosemary Crinion. Cost for 20-minute appointment – £93

Dr Rosemary Crinion is based at our Bournemouth clinic which is conveniently located close to the towns of Poole and Christchurch.