Trucheck Cancer Screening

The TruCheck Intelli Cancer Detection Blood Test is a brand new groundbreaking test in the UK. The simple blood test will screen for over 70 types of cancer in their early stages.

Why should I have a TruCheck screening?

When you detect cancer in its early stages, treatment is more effective and the chances of a positive outcome are significantly increased. It also helps prevent the spread of cancer to other parts of the body.

The TruCheck™ Early Cancer Screening blood test is a thorough check for the existence of cancer in your body, identifying which type of cancer(s) you have, and from which organ they have originated.

Some of the Cancers the Screening can Detect

How does the test work and who can have it?.

The test requires a simple blood draw from a vein in your arm. This sample is then analysed at a leading UK laboratory to detect the existence of any Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) and therefore determines whether you have any cancers currently in your body.

To take this test you must:

How much does the screening cost and what is included?

The total cost of the screening is £1200. There is a free pre-screening telephone consultation with one of our doctors first. They will talk to you about your medical history and will discuss the details of the testing and results. You will have time to ask any questions. If you decide to go ahead with the test, the following appointments are included in the price.

How accurate is the screening?

The TruCheck™ screening demonstrates an overall sensitivity ranging from 82.5% to 88.2% for different cancer types. It boasts a specificity of 99%, correctly identifying 99 out of 100 individuals without cancer. False positives occur at an estimated rate of 1% to 3% according to the studies available so far. TruCheck™ has been designed as a complement to, not replacement for, standard cancer screening, offering peace of mind to individuals with negative results while prompting further tests or referrals for those with positive results.

Further Questions

What happens if I get an abnormal result?

You will be contacted to attend an appointment with one of our doctors. This is included in the cost of the screening. The doctor will discuss the results with you and talk through the next steps. The following options are available:

  •  A referral can be sent to the NHS for further investigation.


  •  If you have Private Medical Insurance, a referral can be sent to them to arrange further investigation


  •  A referral can be sent to a private oncologist/clinic specialising in the specific region of interest based on the results.

A negative result means that at the time of the test there were no detectable cancer cells for the cancers included within the test, circulating in your blood. It does not mean that you will never develop cancer. For any cancers not covered by the test, no inference should be drawn from a negative result.

As this early cancer screening test is non-invasive, there is no disadvantage to frequent testing. However, we advise that this test should be performed every 12 months in the case of each negative result, perhaps as part of an annual complete health check process.

Although the fundamental premise of both the Grail and the TruCheck test is to identify the presence of early stage cancers in the blood, the technology is quite different. Grail relies on a process where the detection of cells is indirect, where the TruCheck test uses immunocytochemistry to directly detect actual Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs). Grail, unlike TruCheck, is not available in the UK as a private test and is currently only being conducted as part of an NHS Clinical trial. The supporting medical trial data for Grail has not been as strong in the detection for early-stage cancers in comparison to TruCheck, and so the overall cancer pick-up rate is lower. Parking the accessibility of the tests, Goodbody have assessed both tests extensively and we have found TruCheck to be far more suitable for asymptomatic cancer screening, giving the best possible detection rates for patients.

How can I book my free pre-screening consultation?

To make a booking for the free 10-minute telephone consultation with one of our doctors or to ask any questions, please call 01202 761150 or email

Alternatively, please complete the below form and a member of our admin team will contact you as soon as possible.

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