Repeat Prescriptions

This service can only be used by existing patients who have previously been seen by one of our doctors and were issued the same prescription. Our doctors cannot prescribe anything to a new patient or any new medication(s) to an existing patient without a consultation first.

If you are a new patient or would like to discuss new medications, please contact our admin team.

How our repeat prescription service works

Step 1

Please simply complete the form and the £25 repeat prescription payment below.

Step 2

A doctor will look over your request and if nothing further is required, then they will issue a repeat prescription.

Step 3

You will receive a Prescription Token Code by email and text. Please show your text message or email to a pharmacy of your choice and they will use the Token Code to provide you with the prescribed medication.

Step 4

You will be charged by the pharmacy for the medication. Prices vary depending on the specific drug.

Please note: 

We cannot guarantee a doctor will issue a repeat prescription. A doctor may decide that a medical review or blood test is necessary before a repeat prescription can be issued. The medical review can be completed in a 10-minute £47 telephone consultation. This £47 cost would include the pre-paid £25 repeat prescription fee leaving only £22 left to pay. If a blood test is required, you will be informed of the cost so that you can decide if you would like to proceed.

Regarding any prescriptions that cannot be issued or you decide to cancel the requesta full refund will be processed.

We also cannot guarantee the prescription will be issued on the same day you have completed a form. No repeat prescriptions will be completed over the weekend and please allow 24 hours throughout the working week for the prescription to be issued. If you require a very urgent prescription during the week, please call us for assistance.

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