GP Appointments

Your health is our priority, and we are dedicated to providing accessible and comprehensive healthcare. Schedule an appointment with our GPs today and experience the difference.

We offer much longer consultations than are available on the NHS, allowing us to take the time to understand your problem thoroughly and think through the next steps.

Choose a face to face, video or telephone consultation

Select a 20, 30 or 40 minute appointment – choose a 40 minute appointment if you have a complex health issue or several concerns. For GP Consultations we take payment at the time of booking. If any blood testing or vaccines are required, we do not take payment until after the appointment at the clinic.

10 min Appointment


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(*available for existing patients only)

On-site pharmacy (Bournemouth only). On-site free parking in Bournemouth and Poundbury

What does my GP Appointment include?

Patients come to see our doctors for many different reasons. Our GPs can help with any concerns you would normally see an NHS GP with, but they can also help with some things that are restricted in some NHS surgeries due to the constraints of time and lack of funds. See below for more information on what is included in your consultation


During a GP consultation you may receive a prescription for some medications and you will be given the prescription to take away with you. The prescription can be taken to any pharmacy and you will be charged for the cost of the medications. Most medications are not expensive, but you can check the price with the pharmacy before purchasing them. Please note that you cannot use any NHS exemptions for the payment of the medications as you will have a private prescription.

Specialist Referral

During a GP consultation the doctor may advise that you need to be referred to a specialist. If the doctor feels that you need an urgent referral to a specialist to rule out the presence of cancer, then they will create a “Fast Track referral” which we will send to the NHS. The NHS will then contact you with an appointment and any tests or treatment will be carried out within the NHS.

If a doctor suggests a referral for you to see a specialist, but it is not linked to a cancer concern, then you will be given the choice to have a referral sent to a NHS specialist or a Private specialist ( please note, a private specialist will charge for their services). Any number of specialist referral letters can be arranged from an appointment. Please click here for more information regarding specialist referrals.

Blood, Urine or Swab Tests

Sometimes the GP may recommend you have a blood, urine, stool or swab test. If you have a 20-minute GP consultation, you will most likely need to book in for your blood tests on another day. We can arrange these very quickly for you. If you are having a 30 or 40–minute consultation, then there may be time for the doctor to carry out some blood testing in the same appointment. If all the time is taken up with a consultation then we will arrange the blood tests for another day as soon as possible. All tests are couriered to the lab we use in London at 6pm Monday to Friday. Most test results are sent back to us the next day, however a few specific tests can take longer. We always show a doctor the results as soon as they come back and if they are not urgent/critical, then we will leave the results for the GP who originally requested the test(s) for you. They will provide their comments about the test(s) and these will be emailed to you. If you would like to speak to the doctor in more depth about the results, then we can arrange a 10-minute telephone call or a 20, 30 or 40 minute face to face appointment. 

If you would like some blood, urine, stool or swab tests without seeing a GP first, please click here for more information.

Follow up Appointments

You can book to see a doctor for 20, 30 or 40 minute appointments as many times as you wish. As soon as you have seen a doctor once, you can then also book a 10-minute telephone appointment. These are very useful if you just want to have a quick chat or you need to ask a question.