Specialist referrals

If you have a condition that needs specialist attention, we can refer you to one of the wide range of private specialists we work closely with or we can refer you to an NHS specialist.

A specialist Referral

A specialist is a professional in an area of health or medicine who specialises in specific diagnoses/treatment. This is also known as Secondary Care. We have access to many specialists and you can find a list at the bottom of this page.

We work closely with a very wide range of specialists who are experts in their field.

If you would like to be referred to a specialist, you can book a 20-minute appointment with one of our doctors and after the consultation they will write the referral letter. The cost of the 20-minute appointment is £93 and any number of referral letters are included in the price.

Our admin team will send the letter by email the same day to the specialist’s secretary and they will then contact you with an appointment.

You can request we send the referral letter to a specific specialist if you have the name of one, or we can recommend one for you.

NHS or Private Specialist?

Most private specialists also work within the NHS and you will get the same care from the specialist if you see them in their NHS clinic or their Private clinic. The difference is that the waiting list to see a specialist in their NHS clinic can be very long. If you are referred to a specialist’s private clinic, then you will generally receive an appointment much quicker. You will also have any tests/scans or procedures arranged by the specialist in a quicker turnaround time than the NHS. Please note that some specialists even have a long wait for their private clinics, but it would be quicker than their NHS waiting list.


Where do I see the specialist?

If our doctor refers you to an NHS specialist, then you will be contacted by a department at your local NHS hospital. This would typically be Bournemouth or Poole Hospital for our Bournemouth Clinic patients and Dorset County Hospital for our Poundbury patients.

If you are being referred to a private specialist, then we will aim to refer you to a specialist who is near to where you live. If you live near to Bournemouth or Poole, then we would refer to an appropriate specialist at the Nuffield Hospital or BMI Harbour Hospital. Our Poundbury patients can be referred to the Winterbourne Hospital. If you already have a specific specialist in mind, then we can refer you to that named specialist. We have sent referrals to private specialists around the country.

The average price for an initial consultation with a private specialist is £250, but this can differ by £50 to £100. If the specialist suggests any tests or scans, then these will be charged as extra. Any treatment/procedures required will also be charged for.

If you have seen one of our doctors and they have created a referral, we aim to send that referral to the specialist on the same day. We will email you confirmation that the referral has been sent. If the referral is to a private specialist, we will tell you the name of the specialist and the name and contact number of their secretary.

If you have not been contacted within a few days with a private appointment then we advise that you call the secretary to request an appointment. If you are told there is a particularly long wait to see the specialist, then please contact us and we can arrange to send a new referral to a different private specialist who could hopefully see you in a quicker time.

Please note that with the NHS referrals we can only make sure they are received safely by the department, but we cannot chase them for appointments.

List of Specialists