Travel vaccinations and advice

Travelling to other countries can be daunting if you're unsure which vaccinations you may need. We can help you get the right vaccinations and medications, and advise on any other potential health issues while you're away.

We offer a wide range of travel vaccinations, as well as advice on staying safe and healthy while you’re abroad, including issues such as malaria and venous thromboembolism.

Travel vaccinations and prices

Hepatitis B – Avaxim. 1 dose required – £55

Hepatitis B – Engerix B. 3 doses required – £60 per dose

Hepatitis A and B – Twinrix. 3 doses required – £70 per dose

Hepatitis A and Typhoid – Viatim. 1 dose required – £75

Typhoid – Typhim Vi. 1 dose required – £45

Yellow Fever – Stamaril. 1 dose required – £75

Rabies – Rabipur. 3 doses required – £75 per dose

Japanese Encephalitis – Ixiaro. 2 doses required – £110 per dose

Whooping Cough – Repevax. 1 dose required – £55

Tetanus, Diptheria and Polio – Revaxis. 1 dose required – £40

Meningitis ACWY – Nimenrix. 1 dose required – £65

MMR – Priorix. 2 doses required – £40 per dose

Shingles – Shingrix. 2 doses required – £225 per dose

Shingles – Zostavax. 1 dose required – £150

HPV – Gardisil 9. 2 or 3 doses required – £160 per dose

Pneumonia – Pneumovax. 1 dose required – £65

Chickenpox – Varivax. 2 doses required – £70 per dose


Choose from two types of travel vaccination appointment:

1. Travel consultation with vaccinations

This is our Gold Standard service carried out by our very experienced nurse.

  • Choose this if you’re not completely sure of the vaccinations you need and would like to discuss your requirements.
  • Most vaccinations are kept in stock and can be given during the same appointment.

This service gives you the opportunity to discuss any health aspects of your travel. The nurse can provide advice on staying safe and healthy, covering the following issues and more:

  • Malaria medication 
  • Avoiding tick and insect bites
  • Sun protection 
  • Food and water hygiene 
  • Covid 19 Fit to Fly Testing and GP recovery letters 
  • Venous thromboembolism

The appointment is 30 minutes. If no vaccinations are needed, the appointment costs £40. 

If one vaccination is administered, the appointment costs £20 plus the cost of the vaccination.

If two or more vaccinations are administered, you will only be charged for the vaccinations. 

To book this service call 01202 761150 or email

2. Vaccinations only appointment

Choose this if you know exactly which vaccinations you need for your destination(s). The appointment is shorter, so the doctor or nurse will not be able to to give you any detailed travel advice or recommend any additional vaccinations, but they will discuss your past medical history and potential side affects etc.

  • The appointment will take 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Before the appointment you will be sent information leaflets on the vaccines you have selected.

You will only be charged for the individual vaccination(s) you have. There are no additional appointment costs.

To book this service call 01202 761150 or email


Find out more about travel vaccination requirements for specific countries

To find out more which vaccinations are needed in specific countries, visit the Travel Health Pro website and select the country you are visiting from the A to Z list.

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