10 healthy Christmas gift ideas

December 8, 2020

Looking for gift ideas that’ll keep giving throughout 2021? Whether you’re struggling to think of something for a health-conscious loved one, are ready to drop a few hints to your other half, or just fancy treating yourself, we’ve got you covered with these ten simple present ideas for a healthier and happier 2021.

  • Walk book or Ordnance Survey Map of your local area. This is a simple one but can be really
    effective for getting you moving and out of the house. Whether you’re new to your area or have been wandering the same routes for 20 years, this is the perfect way to pack your weekends with the outdoors.

  • Exercise ball for your home office. You know that corner of your house with that old dusty desk chair you thought you’d never use? Well, we’re willing to bet it got a lot more use this year than it was prepared for. If your back is feeling it, an exercise ball can help you to sit up straight and use your core muscles to stay stable. Just make sure you look into getting the right size for you.
  • Meditation app subscription. Meditation can be a daunting activity for many of us. But there are some brilliant apps out there that can help ease you into it, like Calm and Headspace. And if the idea of sitting quietly with your thoughts makes you shiver right now, all the more reason to consider it this Christmas. Your mind will thank you.
  • Cookbook that’s as nutritious as it is delicious. It’s easy to get in a rut with cooking. But there are countless amazing books out there to remedy this. Aim for one that hits all the colours of the rainbow (naturally, of course – food colouring does not count here), relies heavily on veg to make its magic, and really makes you excited to get in the kitchen.
  • Resistance bands. Resistance bands are perhaps the most versatile and overlooked piece of equipment. Used for upper body, lower body, cardio and strength workouts, these bands are small, travel well and are great for all fitness levels. Look for a set with few different strengths, and get squatting, lifting and planking.
  • Gratitude journal. You can keep a gratitude journal daily, weekly or even monthly. The idea is just to note down the things – maybe five, maybe ten – that you’re feeling thankful for in that moment. It can help you slow down, de-stress and stay in the moment. First thing to be grateful for? Those lovely new notebooks and pens you’ve treated yourself to.
  • Starter kit for a budding gardener. If there’s anything we’ve learnt this year, it’s that we all value green spaces a lot more than we thought. So, if your loved one has a garden, get them some new seeds, bulbs gloves in time for spring. And if they’re just working with a window ledge, some herbs, succulents and a pot from your local ceramicist is a great way to go.

  • Essential oils. Essential oils can be used in baths, diffusers, on the skin or even when making homemade scented candles. Ahhh. We’re starting to feel calmer already.
  • Workout wear. The requirements for a great set of workout wear: comfortable, you never want to take them off, they make you feel good about your body and they actually fit (it’s time to throw away that pair of shorts you’ve kept since your 20s in the hope you *might* get back into them).
  • Satsumas (obviously). Maybe make a deal with yourself to actually eat this traditional stocking fruit this year?

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