The answer to the question “Why should I pay to see a private GP?” is ideally you shouldn’t have to. But unfortunately, the NHS no longer has the capacity to offer the type of service it once did.

With so many more people using the NHS, it is just not able to cope with the demand. Doctors are having to see more patients in less time and more and more services are being cut so that essential/urgent appointments can take place.

Three people who know these struggles inside and out are the three founders of Dorset Private GP (DPGP). Dr Tim Alder, Dr Jon Echebarrieta and Steve Middleton set up DPGP in 2017. All three have worked within the NHS for many years and are still partners within a group of local NHS surgeries. All three are still passionate and dedicated in their roles for the NHS, however, they wanted to offer more to patients, and this is how DPGP was born.


 Dorset Private GP – Meet Some Of Our Team


Frustrated with time constraints and budgets within the NHS, they set up Dorset Private GP to offer the type of care that drew them to their vocation in the first place. Tim and Jon wanted to be able to spend a quality amount of time with their patients to really understand their medical complaint and have time to formulate a treatment plan or give advice. They wanted to bring back that continuity of care so that patients can easily book in another appointment with the same doctor. Steve’s goal was to be able to offer patient’s the services that most NHS surgeries can no longer afford to offer such as “joint injections”, ” minor skin surgery” and many types of “medicals”.


Dorset Private GP – Another Choice

Dorset Private GP is here to give patients another choice. There is no subscription fee or registration process. Appointments can simply be booked as and when needed.

Dorset Private GP has one goal and that is to provide the best private GP service in Dorset. The quality of service is paramount. All doctors and nurses are hand-picked to ensure that not only do they have the experience and skills to look after the patients, they also have the all-important bedside manner to make patients feel comfortable and listened to. The admin staff are selected in the same way. They all need to share DPGPs ethos that all patients can access the best possible care. This means answering all enquiries in a timely manner and ensuring that important medical documents and results are issued quickly and accurately.

Dorset Private GP is continually striving to offer more appointment availability in addition to a more diverse range of services. Since 2017, we have grown from 1 GP working a single afternoon a week, to 8 GPs covering appointments from Monday to Friday in the Bournemouth Clinic. There is also a satellite clinic in Poundbury (Dorchester) for 2 mornings a week.

To see all the services Dorset Private GP currently offers or to find out more about our doctors and nurses please click on the links below.


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